Keeping Medication History
Front and Center in the Healthiverse

Imagine the possibilities if caregivers could put all their focus on their patient’s futures, instead of piecing together their past medications.

A Universal History of Patient Health

Too often, unwieldy manual data entry and other obsolete methods slow the medication history and reconciliation process, putting patients at risk and leading to costly—but avoidable—medical errors. It’s a huge problem, one that DrFirst is uniquely positioned to solve.

DrFirst solutions put patient medication history front and center for care teams. We make it faster and actionable. More efficient to access. So, clinicians and their staff can spend less time tracking down the past and more time focusing on future outcomes—a future with less avoidable mistakes, and a more efficient use of your resources.

Medication Reconciliation Solution DrFirst

Medication History & Reconciliation Solutions

DrFirst Solutions enable care teams to spend less time and resources tracking down medication histories.
Our tools allow you to put your focus on patient outcomes and healthier futures.

Medication history gaps and errors put our patients—and hospital—at risk.

Gathering medication history for reconciliation is a cornerstone of excellent patient care. Gaps in medication history can delay optimal treatment, put patients at risk, and contribute to higher readmission rates. With MedHx℠ and SmartSuite™ automating your process, staff can save as much as 80% of the time they currently spend researching a patient’s medication – time that can be re-invested in diagnosis and care delivery.

  • MedHx is the most robust medication history data source available
  • Cloud-based platform for rapid implementation
  • Intuitive interface requiring minimal training
  • Complete 12-month medication history reports in seconds, includes
    • DrFirst’s Network Data
      • All DrFirst e-prescriptions
      • Pharmacy fill data
      • Independently hosted payer records
      • PBMs who don’t share information through the Surescripts network
    • Surescripts’ Health Information Network
      • PBMs, such as CVS Caremark and Express Scripts
      • Payer and HIE data
      • National and regional pharmacies such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and others

Manual data entry takes time away from patient care and puts our clinical staff at risk for burnout.

Creating patient home medication lists by relying on traditional HIS system data feeds, interviewing patients, and calling local pharmacies and primary care providers is costly and time-consuming and often delivers incomplete medication history results. MedHx, together with our patented SmartSigSM AI technology, close the gaps in gathering medication history for reconciliation and reduce treatment errors by delivering more accurate and comprehensive medication history data, including:

  • Drug name and form
  • Dispense quantity
  • SIG information
  • Prescriber’s name
  • Fill date
  • Data source
  • Days’ supply

In less than one second, SmartSig uses big data to convert or infer sigs for your patient medication histories. The patented process instantly employs statistics and clinical analysis to produce a real-time translation. SmartSig is EHR agnostic and takes less than two hours to implement.

SmartSig reduces the need for clinicians to enter medication histories manually, which is error-prone and time-consuming. The time savings also may help reduce care team burnout, which can be worsened by technology challenges, according to a recent report by the National Academy of Medicine.


  • Reduces medication reconciliation clicks and keystrokes by 50%
  • Ensures a more accurate patient medication history by converting up to 96% of free-text sigs into your hospital unique nomenclature
  • Fills in important medication history gaps by deducing up to 45% of missing sigs

Lack of medication history at the scene of an emergency puts our unresponsive patients at greater risk.

Accurate medication information is necessary to allow first responders to deliver appropriate care on-scene. The lack of readily available data for unresponsive patients can lead to a poor understanding of a patient’s situation and inaccurate treatment decisions.

DrFirst’s Backline® solution for EMS offers first responders real-time access to medication information to determine the best course of treatment. Backline is an award-winning, HIPAA-compliant mobile app that enables EMTs to:

  • Retrieve up-to-date medication data instantly by scanning the patient’s driver’s license
  • Forward medication lists and PHI to emergency departments via secure messaging
  • Improve on-scene patient assessments
  • Reduce medication errors

Other solutions are limited to the medical information related to previous encounters stored in their system. Only Backline leverages a comprehensive network of up-to-date medication data. That means you have access to a patient’s medication history, even if your team has never treated the patient before.