Health Intelligence for the Healthiverse

Tracking patient care in real-time is the surest way to give provider networks up-to-the minute information for efficient, effective clinical decision making.

Holistic health histories with a click.

Healthcare produces an astounding amount of data; more than any other industry. But for providers, it can be difficult to access that information. Even when it is available, it’s the sheer volume and non-standardized format can be difficult to sort through.

DrFirst’s CareComplete delivers up-to-the-minute health intelligence on your members to your network at the right time in an intuitive format consistent with the provider’s EHR. Relevant, real-time individual health records speed time to treatment and improve member satisfaction by decreasing the chances of members being subject to duplicate services that delay care and increase costs.

With CareComplete from DrFirst, providers can view recent health history, including treatment and hospital discharge details that payers have gathered from providers, presented in an intuitive format consistent with the provider’s EHR.

Individual Health Record Solutions

DrFirst standardizes member data from multiple payers and presents it to health care practitioners in a simple, straight-forward health record.

Giving our members the highest quality care and best care experience are essential for us to improve outcomes, achieve top quality ratings, and control medical spend.

The electronic health record (EHR) market is fragmented and disconnected making it difficult to pull together individual health information from multiple payers and providers into a single, easy-to-access and easier-to-use individual health record. Until now.

CareComplete delivers direct access to detailed clinical information on your member within the EHR. With a current and full picture of your member’s care, providers can review recent lab or procedure results, identify and close care gaps before or during the visit, and receive “at-risk” alerts to better manage chronic conditions.


To bring real value to our providers, we need to unite up-to-the-minute payer and provider information from multiple sources and deliver it within our EHR to our clients

Value-based care is here to stay. But navigating its intricacies and myriad data sources to deliver the latest patient medical history and benefit information to providers and health systems within your EHR workflow is no small challenge.

CareComplete from DrFirst bridges the information gaps between payers and providers and combines it into actionable intelligence tailored to fit each individual patient. With relevant, current information gathered from multiple sources, providers get a unique Individual Health Record that contains the insight they need to guide them in making clinically appropriate treatment plans without duplicating past efforts. What’s more, the record is presented in a consistent, easy to consume format that is agnostic to EHR or payer.


I need to know my patients’ recent medical history and current benefits during the office visit to care for them in the most clinically appropriate, cost-effective manner

Whether patients have one medical concern or are seeking help for multiple chronic conditions, understanding their recent health history can be a time-consuming process that typically involves phone calls and faxes to get medical records from other providers, payers, or hospital systems. And then, there is no guarantee that the information will contain the most current patient activity.

DrFirst removes the friction all too common with understanding a patient’s recent healthcare. CareComplete aggregates health data from multiple payer, provider, and lab sources to give you a secure, timely, portable view of patient history so you are better informed as you provide care.


The “more is better” healthcare philosophy in the US escalates our costs and doesn’t provide significant value to patients. Our providers need better insight at the point of care

It’s well known that the U.S. significantly outspends every other country when it comes to health care yet has the lowest life expectancy, the highest chronic disease burden, and an obesity rate that is double peer nations. What’s more, we have among the highest number of hospitalizations from preventable causes and the highest rate of avoidable deaths largely due to people not receiving timely, high-quality care.

Estimates are that over-treatment or low-value care adds as much as $101.2 billion of waste to healthcare spending while failure to coordinate care adds an additional $78.2 billion in waste with no commensurate improvement in health outcomes.

Real-time individual health records give providers the clinical intelligence they need on patients in an easily consumable format to decrease the likelihood of duplicating services or other low-value care that happened outside your facility. Patient care and outcomes will improve, care costs will be mitigated, and your network will get paid appropriately.